Celebrating Boxing Day wiith Wii Boxing

We celebrated Boxing Day with the IL’s with a tasty brisket (Mark Bittman’s How to Cook Everything basic recipe), Kugel (Claudia Roden’s basic cheese kugel from the Book of Jewish Cooking), some basic steamed carrots, a delicious spinach salad w/pomegranate seeds, baby spinach and candied walnuts (thank you, SIL, another EXCELLENT cook) and a nom-able cake.  That cake? So nom it will get a separate post.

But… it’s 8:30 at night, and the BH is demonstrating how Wii works to my MIL, SIL, SIL’s BH, BIL, and BIL’s BH.  I’m sitting here on the floor, liveblogging it.  The BH is hamming it up, everyone’s laughing hysterically, and enjoying the view from the couch. I think we’re going to niid more controllers.


8 thoughts on “Celebrating Boxing Day wiith Wii Boxing

  1. jess

    wii have four controllers AND charging stations. wii also played rock band yesterday for hours. mii and jake (yeah poor grammar i know, but i wanted to say mii LOL) have our own band career – double j. woot.

    jesss last blog post..digging out

  2. Eleanor

    We spent Boxing Day on the Wii Fit, Wii American Idol, and Guitar Hero. You haven’t lived until you’ve seen my sister and her husband’s duet of the Spice Girls’ “If You Wanna Be My Lover”. I desperately want the Wii Fit now- except since I have no Wii of my own, that would involve quite an investment. I’ll have to visit my sister in Atlanta more often.

    Eleanors last blog post..Matrimony- The (First Ever) Contest


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