Signs you might be a yuppie jerk, or crazy. Whatever.

1.  You’re cranky when your flannel sheets aren’t as plush as they used to be.

2.  You’re torn between the spicy beef yaki soba, the hamachi and spicy tuna roll combo, or the tonkatsu for takeout for dinner.

3.  You find yourself sneering internally at people’s ugly, cheap-looking shoes while you wait in line at the store.  (Oh, no, wait, that means you’re getting hypomanic again.  It’s just the other two things that make you a jerk.)

Sigh.  I’m going to curl up in my un-plush flannel sheets with some spicy tuna and wait for my meds to crank down a notch.  Someone explain to me why I get hypomanic in winter AND summer?   It’s supposed to be a cyclical disease, ferchrissakes.  But no… gotta be exceptional, I do.  Blargh.  At least my mood-charting seems to be working.

Have a plush flannel sheeted, spicy beef yaki soba’d, happy weekend, all.


14 thoughts on “Signs you might be a yuppie jerk, or crazy. Whatever.

  1. magpie

    Maybe you have four cycles – up in winter/sumer, down in spring/fall?

    And frankly? Flannel sheets are never as plush as the day they come out of the package…it’s all downhill from there. On the other hand, good percale just gets better and better, and finally, when it’s perfect? It disintegrates.

    magpies last blog post..A Conundrum And TWO Giveaways

  2. The Finely Tuned Woman

    That’s so recognizable, it fits me to a T. I don’t know why that happens either, but it just does. It’s a funny disability, in more ways than one. I mean, you do need a sense of humor when you have it. The comic timing is very crucial, especially when you see people with ugly shoes and you question their right to exist. At least, I do. Sometimes, I feel like the whole cast of Monty Python.

    The Finely Tuned Womans last blog post..As I write this…

  3. Mary Ann

    Here is what I know. I am absolutely a yuppie, but also eco-friendly. So what the hell is that? Have you read the book about Bobo’s? I’m a Bobo (Bohemian Bourgeoisie). And instead of flannel sheets, I actually put down a flat sheet, then on top of that I put one of those really fuzzy warm blankets and cover myself with another fuzzy warm blanket. Blanket sandwich, sheets be damned. Also, I am a shoe whore, so I ALWAYS look at shoes. And I would’ve gone with tuna. And also, I can’t sleep at all anymore. Are you having insomnia?

  4. tracy reinhardt

    I frequently get manic in winter when there is a lot of snow. And this winter there has been a lot of snow.

    For me this disorder is very sensitive to light levels and winters with a lot of snow make BP hard to manage — something about the light bouncing off all that crazy white snow – everywhere… all over the damn place… every day…day after bright day…

    But I digress…

    Well, it’s been a tough one.


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