True confession # 376

Or something like that.  I have previously confessed my love of uber-artificial “foods” like spam and velveeta.  (Insert Monty Python voice saying “Spam!” here).  So why do I feel kind of dirty confessing that I am currently rockin’ out to a shuffle mix of all the Bon Jovi in my iTunes?

Right now in the rotation?  “You were born to be my baby.”  Yeah.  Love it.  Although really, in the end, I’m more of a “You Give Love a Bad Name” kinda gal.

Now I just need to download lots and lots of Van Halen.  (I’m an ecumenical VH fan– DLR and SH are both fine with me, so long as Sir Eddie’s on the guitar.)  And maybe, just maybe, some Whitesnake.  (And yes, “Appetite for Destruction” is already loaded– but not those other albums, they are teh suck.)

Now where the hell is my hairspray?


3 thoughts on “True confession # 376

  1. g

    I don’t know about the music, but do you know what I’m eating tonight?

    Ruffles potato chips, and dip made from sour cream and Lipton onion soup mix.

    Why I got a craving for this, I don’t know. Haven’t had it in probably forty years…..

    gs last blog post..Topanga Antique Shop

  2. phil

    I’m bastardizing some boboli into buffalo chicken pizza tonight

    and my current favorite cd (sorry no mp3 player yet) is Twisted Sister’s Christmas!!! it’s a rocking Christmas this year!!! You haven’t lived until you’ve heard Silent Night with some major guitar riffs, clearly waking up Baby Jesus and since pacifiers weren’t invented for another 2000 years, he’ll be cranky 😉


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