Liveblogging a deposition– in verse

Out of state deposition.
Plaintiff’s attorney is following a script.
Twenty-five defense attorneys on laptops or blackberries,
paying hardly any attention, except
whoever’s on that hour to object.
We’ve all got our email addresses–
we just take turns emailing that hour’s notes.
Bad headache–
I’ll need to buy Excedrin
at the Wal-Mart next door during lunch.
Scratching pens,
weak coffee,
open ended plaintiff’s questions
way too much re-direct in store,
not just for me, but for all of us.
I’ll be lucky if I get home before nine.

And only a Taco Bell nearby for lunch.
Thank goodness for wi-fi.


10 thoughts on “Liveblogging a deposition– in verse

  1. poet with a day job

    I am laughing – I used to do that in meetings when I didn’t have a boss “with an aversion to laptops in meetings.” She’s actually paranoid and thinks everyone is always laughing at or talking about her. I’ll just say sometimes people’s paranoia is warranted…

    Hang in there! Get the cinnamon twists!

    poet with a day jobs last blog post..Alcoholic moments

  2. Mariposa

    See what technology could do? Of course paired with a poet’s mind! Live blogging huh?!

    I’m laughing at myself bec I do the same thing in meetings…but more than blogging, it’s online text-based games…LOL

    Thank you for thinking of me! I really appreciate your coming to me in precise moments I need you/them (referring to your comments/mails).

    Mariposas last blog post..Make New Friends,

  3. g

    Funny – the detachced boredom. As a layperson I’d never think this is how such a proceeding would work. Perhaps I should be disturbed?

    Only you make it so funny! Great poem.

  4. Grandy

    Oh yes, the ever-powerful-wi-fi.
    Just don’t get caught calling the plaintiff attorney a boob in an email, and accidently sending it to said plaintiff attorney. 🙂

    Grandys last blog post..PRICELESS

  5. Shana

    As a court reporter, I envy you the ability to live blog during a depo because, holy shit, can they be boring. Unfortunately, my hands are busy during the proceedings.


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