Thanksgiving Dinner, In Photos

If you want the recipe to anything in particular, click on the photo, and it will bring you to the photo in my FlickrStream. Recipes are in the photo description. Hope your holiday left you pleasantly stuffed physically and emotionally.

No wine this year– with a pregnant sister-in-law, two sober alcoholics, and me enjoying the new joys of Depakote, we stuck with cider, seltzer, and cranberry juice. A good time was had by all, and I’ve got enough leftover stuffing to last me until Christmas.


10 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Dinner, In Photos

  1. Just Me

    Are you on the depakote, lithium, lamictal cocktail? (I just know you’ve been on each). I was in the clinical trial for the efficacy of that one. I don’t think the results are out yet because I was in the earliest group, but that’s my claim to fame.

    It did help me. I never tolerated lamictal well, but it helped. The first year it made me throw up all the time and finally I went off. Several years later I gave it a 2nd chance which is when I had the rash. That time it REALLY worked.

    Just Mes last blog post..Open Letter to the World


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