The weekend funny

Uncyclopedia is to wikipedia as The Onion or The Daily Show is to the news.  I found it totally by accident– I had a term wrong and googled it, and the uncyclopedia entry popped up.


2 thoughts on “The weekend funny

  1. alejna

    You know, I stumbled across it recently, too. But had already forgotten it. I can’t even remember what I was looiking for. Hell, I can’t remember what I was looking for half the time.

    Aha! It was “screaming carrot,” which my husband thought would be a great band name. (The conversation was inspired by my newborn in his carrot Halloween costume.) Anyhow, it led to an entry on homicidal screaming carrots.

    Thanks for jogging my memory on this. I must go back and research further.

    What was you term?

    alejnas last blog post..feeding the Monster


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