Wish us luck

We do love us some Bishop Allen chez BLC. But with an 8 o’clock door and two bands playing beforehand? Well, I’ll be ordering coffee, not beer, at the bar, especially since I have to be two hours from here in another state by 10 am tomorrow, for a deposition in an asbestos lawsuit. But the BH and I are raring to go, regardless. I have my loafers, turtleneck sweater and Vera Bradley wristlet. The BH has his slip-on Clarks, khakis, and merino wool zip up cardigan.

Yeah. That’s how we afford our Rock n’ Roll Lifestyle, suckas. And, past our bedtime.

Update: OK, we’re old. We get to the door, and the sign says the band we want to see won’t even go ON until 11:30. WTF? I mean, yes, I’m a hopeful assh*le who should know better, but still. They could post the time on the band or the venue website, right? I mean, don’t they figure out lineups in advance? Crank, crank, crank.

Thank goodness I have a yuppie organic chocolate bar and some yuppie alcoholic grape juice to console myself. I may not have a rock band fix, but boy, have I got antioxidants out the wazoo. Grr.


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