This Week’s Real Mental Post

This week’s post, “Better Living Through Chemistry,” is up at Real Mental.


3 thoughts on “This Week’s Real Mental Post

  1. phil

    I know experiments need to be watched carefully. I work in biotech and if one assay gets tainted unknowingly and product that shouldn’t have passed gets out the door by mistake and given to patients could have horrificly detrimental results. and it could all be traced to a stray droplet of water reacting with a reagent.

    We have built in safety measures such as QC and redundant assays to ensure accidents are caught before there is a victim.

    The problem with a patient running the experiment is that even if careful notes are kept, unless there’s a redundant verifier present (and I’m sure the BH is involved) even a small adverse reaction might not get caught until it’s escalated into something that can be quanitified.

    I harken to the expression: No one raindrop blames itself for the flood.

    I wish you the best and hopefully you share your notebook with healthcare professionals when you see them.


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