Craftin’ ain’t easy

The BH’s colleague, Amy, who I’ve written about before, makes beautiful mosaic mirrors, boxes, and other crafty things under the name Riverview Crafters, is hosting a craft show at her home November 15, 2-8 pm.  There will also be woven, leather, ceramic, and other textile and printed crafts.  The Better Half, because he is a superior male, paid attention to my indication of interest in this here piece below, and has not only given me exactly what I want for my birthday, but has also supported a local artist.  Amy has mirrors, clocks (We got a preview of some ones not on her website yet, and they’re really lovely and clever), picture frames, and large and small boxes– a range of things from small to large.

5 thoughts on “Craftin’ ain’t easy

  1. magpie

    Huh. I think I have a mirror by her. If not hers, it’s by someone who does awfully similar work. I bought it for my husband at the holiday craft fair at Grand Central a couple of years ago. It’s in my downstairs bathroom and I love it.

    magpies last blog post..Voting


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