Our other new precious

I would post an image, but their site is flash (gah) and there isn’t a picture of it in the most recent catalogue in my possession, but I nonetheless feel the need to share with you the information about an important marital aid the Better Half just bought for us.  Yep, a two zone electrically heated mattress pad from the Vermont Country Store.  (What?  Get your minds out of the gutter, people.  You thought I was talking about something else, weren’t you?  Pigs.)  Now, other, far more talented and prolific and all-around awesome bloggers (namely, the lovely BeanPaste) have touted the wonders available from the generous and homey Orton family, including those more traditional marital aids, but I did feel compelled to share this.  See, it’s two, count them, two, zones in the queen and king sizes, so that means, hold on to your hats, people, I can turn my side all the way up, and leave it on all night, and he can turn his side on just long enough to take the chill off the sheets, and then turn his side off.  Goodbye, seventeen blankets on my side of the bed, plus a comforter too heavy for him anyway, so that I end up waking in the middle of the night strangled by blankets.  (Of course, if you’re polygamous or polyandrous and have more than two people with you in bed, I’m afraid I can’t recommend an alternative.  Sorry.)

You can’t feel the wires at all, and the heat is just LURVELY.  LURVELY, I say, because it bears repeating. Since I had that car accident at the end of September my back and neck have been a little wonky, and this lovely, soothing heat makes me feel all aaaaahhhhh when I get out of bed in the morning, and far less nnnnnrrrrrrggghhhh. Because trust me, the nrrghh?  Not a good look for me.


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