Our new precious

Our laptop has been kaput.  Stone dead.  Not resting.  Demised, bereft of life, off the twig, shuffled off the techno coil, kicked the bucket, and joined the choir electronic.  Our laptop is no more.  It has ceased to be.  It has expired, and gone to meet its maker.  It is pushing up the techno-daisies.  Dead.  D-e-a-d.  In all, it is an ex-laptop.  After eight years, no RAM memory left, and three power adapters, it became senseless to try to order a fourth adapter, a battery, and more memory– all things we’d need before we could continue this blogging and writing and photographing obsession.  Instead, we’ve been using the BH’s almost equally obsolete iMac desktop.  The horror, people, we tell you, the horror.  Sharing a computer– a Macintosh, even.  (J/K, I have nothing against Macs, I just prefer PCs).  Not having 24 hour access to wi-fi and news and blogs.  We think it’s the reason for our recent depression, yes, precious, we do.  (Right.  Easier to blame it on that than self-care, right?)

Anyway.  We’d like to introduce you to our new, shiny, 13.3 inch, 4 pound new bundle of joy.  We haven’t named it yet, but we’re taking suggestions.  “Our precious?”  Fine for the first post, but a little creepy thereafter. As Mobutu in Zoolander said, “It’s BEAUTIFUL.”


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