The true sign of adulthood

I may still have student loans to repay, and furniture inherited from relatives.  I finally have a job with grownups, for grownup pay.  But the real, true sign of adulthood?  Matching silverware.  Oneida Calm, if you’re curious.  Many thanks to the BH, who got a $100.00 gift certificate to Linens n’ Things (or “Sheets n’ Shit” as we like to call it) for knowing all sorts of things about Don MacLean’s “American Pie.”  And he claimed it was all useless trivia.  Useless, my matching cutlery.


15 thoughts on “The true sign of adulthood

  1. Kristen

    Don’t you like how it takes matching cutlery to make you feel grown up? Never mind the big, expensive education, never mind the fancy lawyer job. But I’m with you – in fact I think I’m ready to upgrade from my Christmas Tree Shop set.

  2. Sara

    LOL on the Sheets and Shit.

    My mother in law got us some silverware, but the kind with the plastic handles with designs. Not what I would have chosen, but I’d been using cheap ass ugly shit. My father would shit bricks, but I always try to remember my boyfriend from high school whose mother was so loving and warm and every meal at her table was wonderful – with non-matching dishes and silverware. I try to remind myself that there are lots worse things in the world than ugly housewares.

    But still – that set you got is beautiful.

    Saras last blog post..Thank you


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