The weekend funny

Because everyone should have a little funny this weekend, including me, who had a stupid car accident yesterday– I’m fine but my car? Not so much, it’s off at the body shop for a new front bumper– a link to a very, very funny musical/comedy/drama streaming video up over at Hulu, Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog.

“Aspiring super-villain Dr. Horrible (Neil Patrick Harris) wants to join the Evil League of Evil and win the girl of his dreams, but his nemesis, Captain Hammer (Nathan Fillion), stops him at every turn in this three-part musical.”
I do love me a musical, and I especially love me some Neil Patrick Harris. Add the delectable Nathan Fillion of Firefly, Serenity, and Waitress fame, as well, and well, it’s great acting and singing, eye candy, and so much silliness you’ll be wheezing with belly laughs, giggles, and guffaws.
This video is not recommended for anyone wishing to cherish their cranky.

5 thoughts on “The weekend funny

  1. MizB

    While I liked the movie “Seredipity” (John Cusack & Kate Beckinsale) well enough, Nathan Fillion was in the more excellent movie “Serenity”. 🙂


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