Meds Question

Anyone tried trileptal?  After a hypomanic surge at 200mg on lamictal, what I hoped was my old standby, and continued mild migrainous symptoms at 100mg, it looks like I get to hop the new meds rollercoaster for a while.

Please feel free to email me offline, bipolarlawyercook AT gmail DOT com.  Thanks, all.


9 thoughts on “Meds Question

  1. Just Me

    Of course I have…..I tried it when we had reached the conclusion I couldn’t handle lithium without toxicity. It made me so, so sleepy. I kept messing with cutting pills to get a dose that worked, but didn’t succeed and my doctor took me off of it quickly. It did seem to help the mood symptoms, I just could not tolerate it. But I was on my other huge doses of sedatives, and I’m always at risk for hyperactive responses to meds.

    Anyway, after a month I was off it, and eventually went back to taking a touch of lithium and a lot more depakote, then eventually seroquel.

    Have you tried Seroquel? It truly is good stuff. I fought it and dreaded going on it because my antipsychotic experiences were so bad, but it lets me sleep like a normal person, think normally, etc. It works where nothing has ever worked before……..

    Just Mes last blog post..What happened (sort of)

  2. thordora

    Tried it. Didn’t do bubkiss for me.

    That sucks about the Lamitcal. I know people it’s worked for. I can’t remember if you’ve tried Risperdal for the mania’s-I was on it awhile for “irritability” (i.e wall smashing rage) and it really helped.

    Hugs girl. I wish I had more to say. It’s worth trying to see if it helps you.


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