Note to self

The Beatles’ White Album is a classic that spans the test of time, but it just doesn’t sound the same when you’re 33 and drinking riesling while checking work email, compared, say, to when you’re seventeen, listening to it on the boom box in the basement of your friend’s house, sharing a dime bag and a case of Natty Light with ten of your best National Honor Society friends while playing a massively-creative game of Assh*le, the card game.  Not that I would have any basis for knowing what a dime bag even is, esteemed member of the bar that I am.


13 thoughts on “Note to self

  1. Irene

    I suppose you are not going to enlighten me and tell me what a dime bag is? I suppose I am of the wrong generation to know that. Should I be happy about that?

    Irenes last blog post..Change.

  2. Michelle

    Natty Light huh? I was more of a Milwakee’s Best gal myself but I can still relate. The Beatles White Album is really great though no matter what you are drinking!

  3. Angelina

    I always like “Meet The Beatles” best. Though I played them all while house sitting for my dad when I was sixteen eating his frozen deserts and raiding his liquor cabinet.


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