Dear Sandwich-Making Guy at the Quizno’s Near Work

Dear Sandwich-Making Guy at the Quizno’s Near Work:

When I tell you which sandwich I want, naming it by the full name assigned by your store, the correct response is “Everything on that?,” meaning, of course, that you want to know if I want everything listed on the signboard as being included in the sandwich.  (Although, I suppose it would be more reasonable for me to say “no onions” or whatever, if I didn’t want the sandwich as ordered.)

But when you listed off half the ingredients in the sandwich to me in response, you confused me.  See, now I think maybe the mustard’s extra?  I don’t know.  I thought I made a reasonable response when I said, “everything that it usually comes with.”  But apparently not, because then you repeated back two thirds of the ingredients to me, confusing me even further.  “I just want what it says on the sign,” I said, pointing.  And then, God help me, you looked over your shoulder as if to say, “There’s a sign up there?  Wow.”

The fact that I had to repeat “everything” twice more before you said “Got it?”  Well, that’s the optional mustard, I guess.

With a deep and confused sigh,


(And yes, I shouldn’t expect much of a chain anyway, but the area right around work is a food wasteland.  Even deeper sigh.)


9 thoughts on “Dear Sandwich-Making Guy at the Quizno’s Near Work

  1. dawnsfire

    followed your link at FFN to here…

    Anyway, I know what you’re talking about–I once ordered a sundae at a chain (left unnamed to protect the guilty), told the guy behind the counter what kinds of ice cream I wanted, hot fudge, no nuts. He hands me a vanilla ice cream and caramel sundae, liberally sprinkled with nuts. When does fudge or chocolate ever sound like caramel, I ask you. Then he was all confused. Last time I ever went to that location, trust me!

  2. cathy

    We don’t go to that chain anymore because my husband — of all people — had such a horrible experience with an uncooperative employee there (and then later with the regional management when he tried to complain politely) that he felt really bad about himself.

    My husband is an engineer, and it takes an awful lot for him to feel slimed by the universe or a fast-food chain. So, ummm… we don’t go to that chain anymore.

    cathys last blog post..sweet

  3. Cranky Amy

    I have a friend who just started a new job, and food choices for her are very limited. She’s now gotten into Bento Boxes. . .


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