Typewriter 2

Typewriter 2, originally uploaded by BipolarLawyerCook.

What I did as part of my summer mental breakdown: try and write on a laptop nearly as outdated as these typewriters, with no memory, an external wireless card, and no battery. Momma needs a new set of keys.


8 thoughts on “Typewriter 2

  1. g

    We actually have and USE a typewriter at my office – the person who used it just retired after 28 years of working there. She typed all her envelopes for mailing, because she never learned how to print envelopes; she typed labels because she never learned how to print them.

    We have a temp worker now who also doesn’t know how to print envelopes or labels, and yesterday I heard the typewriter clicking away…Argh! I told the temp that her mission was to eliminate the use of that machine – time for training!

    gs last blog post..New Look – September

  2. Caroline

    I love typewriters! Not perhaps for word processing, but maybe you need a typewriter and a real fancy new computer instead of just the one in the middle. I would be very happy if there was a typewriter that you could blog from. It would be magic- let me know if you find it. And good luck with the wrangling brief crazies. There’s nothing like an inefficient meeting to bring on the gray hair. ay carumba!

    Carolines last blog post..Ask Remabulous: a new feature here at the Remabulous Blog


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