This week’s RealMental post

Plateau,” over at RealMental, hopefully self explanatory regarding my neglect to write here and to visit you and your own wonderful writing and sharing at your blogs.

Never fear, though.  Unlike the Monty Python Dead Parrot, I’m not dead, merely resting.


14 thoughts on “This week’s RealMental post

  1. Tara

    Unlike the clear signals we get from a broken limb, the mind is our “seat of consciousness” and therefore a plateau is really a “slippery surface” with the geography changing as gravel in a river might. It is only when the gravel builds into a dam that we realize attention needs to be paid to this change in geography. As marvellous as the mind is, it often doesn’t recognize these subtle changes until it becomes obvious and you are unable to ignore them. There is no one to question the “Director”, our mind, so to speak.

    When my mind is on this “slippery surface”, it does not take much to slide off the slope. It just means a new attempt to reach a more stable plateau. I understand how that may feel, and I wish you the best of luck in your struggle to get back up on your feet. You are certainly in good company and just know that you have a few good companions with you as you struggle back to a new and hopefully “less slippery” plateau. Many struggle with the same battles, and even though you may feel alone, you are not alone.

  2. g

    It’s good to come over here and see a new post. I was wondering where you were….

    Best wishes to you on your struggle back – as always even though you may feel you are struggling your ability to express yourself so elegantly in writing amazes me.

    Good luck and hugs to you.

  3. Dory

    Soooo good to hear from you. You take the time you need. Google Reader makes sure I don’t forget to check on you! Now I’m off to read your post!

  4. barbara

    Just came by the check on you. The page is about to flip from August to September. That helps, doesn’t it? There is something too intense about August.


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