BlogHer08 Community Keynote– links

The fantabulous Schmutzie has beaten me to the punch and posted links to all the posts that were read at the BlogHer community keynote last Saturday.  These posts represent why blogging is so wonderful– honesty, humor, varieties of experiences laid out for judgment– and being in that audience, trying to give back some of the love that these writers showed by baring their hearts to us, was one of the best experiences I’ve had so far.  So please, link, comment, enjoy.


3 thoughts on “BlogHer08 Community Keynote– links

  1. Kaza

    I’m looking forward to so much good reading! (Not that I need more, given the absurd backlog in my reader, but I’m up to the challenge.)

    I tagged you for a meme, but no pressure. And if you’ve done it already, just link to your post in the comments if you want to.


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