Random thoughts and drunken etcetera

258 photos at the Ferry Farmer’s Market– less fattening than Cowgirl Creamery Cheese.

* * *

The Ferry Farmer’s Market: like heaven, just foggier.

* * *

BLC (out loud): (To guy nearly kneecapping me with his cane) Hey, watch it!

BLC (internally): Oh, shit. Another blind guy.

* * *

I’ve never been afraid of heights before. But I tried to walk across the Golden Gate Bridge today, and only made it as far as the first tower before hyperventilating. Wind + lots of traffic + wide expanses of incoming tide = hyperventilation. At least I got some good pictures. And the BH, trooper that he is, went to the middle of the span for me to finish out the photos.

* * *

“None is more wondrous than man.” (Sophocles). I don’t often think this, but something as artificial, as ingenious, as scientifically and aesthetically designed as the Golden Gate Bridge? It makes me change my mind.

* * *

I should have done a photoessay: “Glasses of BlogHer.” There were some seriously cool specs on offer this weekend. I love girls who wear glasses.

* * *

Two new verbs from the Better Half this weekend:

“These [Zuni Cafe] fries are so good, I am going to invent a verb. I am going to ‘cookie monster’ these.”

“I don’t know what I want. I am going to just ‘Stevie Wonder’ here until I do.” (File under “going to hell.”)

* * *

Re: this morning’s crack-of-dawn cable car ride: “I love the smell of steel dust in the morning.”

* * *

There’s a blues/rock band on the corner, and marijuana smoke in the air. Sunday night in Union Square.

* * *

The laughter and spit takes after finishing a bottle of wine? More than worth the fact that we’re too drunk to f*ck.

* * *

BLC: I never regret it [drunkeness]– I never remember it.

* * *

BLC to BH: That reduced liver function whinge? It might work better if it wasn’t because of a bad McDLT.

BH: Yeah, but are you going to write “contamination by fecal matter” on your blog?

BLC: No, I don’t want the google hits.

(Ooops. Well, too late.)

* * *

You did NOT just lick the crema out of your cappucino cup, did you?


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