That’s what I get for choosing local

Dear Redwood Bank at 241 California Street, San Francisco:

I cannot believe your ATM machine ate my ATM card. And that I chose to use my ATM in a far-away-from-my-house-city in a local bank, that isn’t open on Saturdays, in order to get my card back. I also can’t believe you can’t release my card remotely through your 800 number. But, your Member Services person, Eric, was very nice, if unhelpful. I will see you at 8 a.m., Monday morning. Until then, I will reserve my can of cranky whoop-ass.

Until Monday,


* * *

Also? I broke a nail. And a toenail. Still trying to figure out how I did that last one.


5 thoughts on “That’s what I get for choosing local

  1. g

    Oh, what a pain! Open that can of whoop-ass on ’em good!
    I had my own bank freeze my card when I travelled once – I bought a metrocard at JFK airport at the beginning of my trip to NYC and they flagged it as a suspicious use and shut me down. what a pain that was!

    gs last blog post..Lumpy report


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