Romper Room

I see . . . Bossy and LeahPeah and A Greek Tragedy and AimeeGreeblemonkey and Avocado8 and Nerdy Renegade and High Heels and Dust Bunnies and Dooblehvay and Simple and Lovely and LawyerMama and, and, and. Thank goodness for Moo cards and enough wine to push me out of my shell. I met and spoke to so many interesting and amazing women tonight, whose blogs I am looking forward to reading and sharing soon. (Of course, given how behind I am in other stuff I wanted to post, who knows when I will get around to an aggregation of BlogHers I have met… but we’ll see.)

Tonight reminded me of the joy that there is to be had in blogging– in the first comment we ever got, in the first time that someone affirmed that you had something worth sharing, in validating your response to something in the hurtful past, or in just laughing at whatever silliness you put out into the blogoverse. I’ve been bummed, recently, as I noted, and then got so busy with work (a good thing, there being bills to pay, and all) that I’ve been not only not posting, but not reading as much as I want, even with all my nears and dears. Tonight was a kick in the pants to get back into it– and to thank you all again for reading, for laughing, for affirming, for being there. And that’s just from two cocktail parties. Imagine what some actual substantive conference content will do!

7 thoughts on “Romper Room

  1. Theo

    in the words of my small town newspapaer ‘special events’ writer, “A good time was had by all.”

    nice to see you as one of the ‘all.’

    Theos last blog post..


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