For each other

Never let them say women don’t dress for each other.  They do.   Significant others of either sex have nothing to do with it.  It’s about friendship, and platonic crushes, and admiration, and awe, and just a little envy.  It’s a desire to shine for people who might, just might, like us, if we do everything just so.

I have seen more awesome earrings, sexy skirts, desireable dresses, swoonable shoes, hot haircuts, jealousy-inducing jeans, and other costumes of all stripes, all dressed to impress.  It’s funny and sad and beautiful and raw and honest and inspiring, as so much else has been today.  We’re all of us admitting we want to be loved, and that we want others to know they are loved, writing from a place of our own insecurities, and wanting to save others the same pain.

I dress up for you the same way I write for you; to keep you coming back, because your compliments make me feel better, but also because I want you to know– you’re worth dressing up for, conference weekend and every day.


The afternoon “keynote” speech was a community forum– 22 bloggers on blogging, our bodies, rants, and more.  I am in awe at the talent that’s out there, humbled at the honesty, and looking forward to sharing with you the bloggers whose stories we were so lucky to hear tonight.  As a prologue– Moosh in Indie, Lesbian Dad, and Mr. Lady— my goodness, there’s wonder to be found in our blogosphere.


5 thoughts on “For each other

  1. Anali

    I’m so glad you got to go to BlogHer this year! Isn’t it amazing??!! I hope that I can go next year. You’re right about women dressing for each other. I saw so many cute outfits and jewelry. It was incredible!

    Analis last blog post..Flickr Friday

  2. g

    I’m so glad to hear how rewarding and inspirational it was. Maybe I’ll check it out next year. You’re right about the clothes – I’m always digging what I see other women wearing at events. Sometimes with envy, sometimes with admiration, sometimes hoping to “steal” an idea!

    gs last blog post..Glow


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