Over the country and on the BART

I’ll be at BlogHer starting tomorrow, and running through Tuesday.  Posting will be light, and although I’m planning on being in rooms full of people who are as slavishly tied to their computers as I am, I am not sure how much email I will be doing.  I will check once a day, at least, though.  Hope you have a wonderful, long weekend!


7 thoughts on “Over the country and on the BART

  1. Cheri @ Blog This Mom!

    Have a wonderful weekend. Since it turned out that not a one of us was going to BlogHer, the San Diego Blog Bitches will be attending BitchHer at my house on Friday. (See link to our group blog on the side thingie on my blog.) We’ll keep you posted about our “conference.” And there will be swag bags. Yeah-huh.

  2. jess

    oh how i wish i was going to blogher! i’d finally get to meet YOU. bah! instead, i’m traveling all over the western united states, chilling with clients. i’d rather be in san francisco!!



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