Shopping local, and oh yeah, cooking

I have been cooking, just not recently. Tonight, I actually got to make some dinner with the produce of a shopping trip to Roslindale Square. (Or “Rozzie,” for those in the know.”) Dinner was just a caprese salad, a simply pan-roasted pork chop, and broccoli sauteed on high heat with onions, red pepper flakes, and fresh oregano.


11 thoughts on “Shopping local, and oh yeah, cooking

  1. Just Me

    Hi there. Sorry to be MIA for so long. I’ve been fighting my way through some bad stuff. I was having mixed stuff for the first time in 6 months, I’m having trouble sleeping well with the summer light (only took 6 years to figure out that is my problem in the summer), and I am dealing with a great deal of psychological crap that has been hurting me for years. I’ve not even done a great job keeping up with my own blog.

    It’s good to hear you back in the swing of life a bit. I’m happy for you.

    Just Mes last blog post..So bipolar

  2. g

    Oh, Yum!! we’ve suffered a surplus of hot dogs, here, due to a party that didn’t yield enough guests! So we’ve been eating hot dogs for dinner this weekend.

    it would be so nice to have a lovely meal like this.

    gs last blog post..Three Things to check out

  3. Angelina

    That broccoli looks so good! I’m kicking myself for wasting some really good broccoli just because I couldn’t decide what to do with it and it went yellow.

    Are you already getting local tomatoes? We’re still waiting for them here. We had a very cold start to the summer so everything is late.

    Angelinas last blog post..


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