Storm, chasing

Yesterday a storm chased me home,
two and a half hours north-northeast,
blackened sky giving way to lashing rain
so hard the wipers couldn’t keep up,
and we all crawled along at 45.
But oh, what a difference this morning.
Where yesterday was an armpit swelter,
this morning was pearly-pink and cool,
and the long drive home under the azure sky a joy, to be held.
I’ve never lived elsewhere than New England
to know if the long golden shadows of
June July August at quitting time
do what they do here–
bring out all the underlying yellow-blue-silver in the roadside marsh grass and trees,
make even gasoline tankers and semi-truck tire detritus gleam or deepen,
elevate the white underbelly of the hawk,
riding diesel fume thermals, to a brilliant light, unwatchable.
But if it does anything close
to converting the buttercups on grassy medians
into golden specks in a lusher carpet
than the most pampered lawn,
then oh, those two and a half rain-punished hours
are oh so worth the chaser.


4 thoughts on “Storm, chasing

  1. piglet

    this is really pretty, i felt like i was actually experiencing it myself. i lived in new england for a little over a year (ct and ma), and i really miss the beauty of that area.

    piglets last blog post..his lunch order


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