Update and thanks

Many thanks to all for your lovely emails wondering where the heck I am.  I have been working on an out-of-state trial and have been wicked-super-busy with that.  The trial goes in to next week, so posting will likely continue to be slim to none.  But all is well, I promise!


10 thoughts on “Update and thanks

  1. Sara

    See, and that is exactly what I thought was going on with you. Got a new job, no time for the bloggery anymore. It’s exactly like when your best friend gets a new boyfriend or girlfriend — or baby, or dog — and suddenly doesn’t have time for you anymore. And it’s okay; you understand, and you’re even happy for him or her. (But that doesn’t mean you don’t miss your friend.)

    Happy trials (NOT a typo)! 🙂

  2. Maddy

    Fair enough, but if you could just attend to the matter at hand for a moment I should be most grateful, [why can I never find an American when I want one?]
    So in the 101 heat here d you think it’s possible to make croutons on a barbeque if I put them in one of those basket thingies or will I simply cremate them or will they taste disgusting?
    Now hurry up I have to ‘cook’ salad in a couple of hours.

    Maddys last blog post..It’s a wild life [England is Evil 5]


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