Writing lessons

Reason number 500 why the New York Times is my “paper of record;” a three page article about a rolling ladder company in Manhanttan that encompasses history, family, business, fashion, and architecture.  Along with some poignant, pointed language.


5 thoughts on “Writing lessons

  1. Michelle

    I simply love this line “The building roots them, as a stalwart anchor in a turbulent sea.” I need to slow down more and take time to read the NY Times again.

    Michelles last blog post..Six Until Me

  2. alejna

    That was a wonderfully written article, and a fascinating story. Thanks for sharing it.

    Of course, it makes me daydream about having my dream library some day. Which, naturally, would have shelves high enough to merit a rolling ladder.

    alejnas last blog post..in real life

  3. g

    god, I love that article, and it makes me so sad, too. i lived in SoHo in the late 70’s – I probably walked past their building a hundred times without knowing what it was.

    gs last blog post..Upcoming Changes


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