Saturday, Saturday, Saturday

Saturday, the 28th, 3 pm- The First Annual BLC Ice Cream Social. Larz Anderson Park, Brookline, MA, at picnic area 9– I am told it is right near the “Temple of Love.” BYO favorite flavor of ice cream, your favorite assortment of friends, family or pets, and a chair or a beach blanket — I will have some of my own ice cream favorites, some sundae and ice cream float makings (hmm, Alejna, pinko commies are in the air…) spoons, cups and bowls, napkins, and nametags. I haven’t yet convinced the Better Half to appear, however. Perhaps some clamor from fellow attendees will help? : )


14 thoughts on “Saturday, Saturday, Saturday

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  2. Michelle

    Whoo Hoo the ice cream social is almost here! Can’t wait to come and meet you and eat ice cream. How are you keeping the ice cream cold enough? Just a cooler with ice I am guessing…any special requests? I will be there for sure.

    Michelles last blog post..Images Mosaic

  3. Sara

    Barring catastrophe, my true love and I will be there! We may also bring others you have met elsewhere, depending on availability. We will not be bringing our cat, however.


  4. Sara

    P. S. — Since we are in New England, I expect that outright clamouring might be regarded as unseemly. Passive-aggressive hinting, however, is always appropriate, right? You know, something in the vein of “Well, MY man is coming even though he doesn’t know any of you but just because I asked him to,” such as I have offered above?

    heh heh heh 😉

  5. Marci B.

    OH!! How I wish I could attend!!!!! If only we lived a little closer to each other, I could just hop in the car and join you.

    Have a WONDERFUL TIME, and enjoy some cherry vanilla ice cream for me 🙂

    Marci B.s last blog post..I was wondering…


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