Spinach, pear, and chicken apple sausage salad

A riff on a Food and Wine recipe from years ago. Low(ish) carb, and gluten free (check the sausages and soy sauce to make sure they’re GF).  I don’t use asian pears, just regular pears or granny smith apples.  I’ve also stopped soaking the sausage in the dressing before hand– I think the flavors are better balanced just to drizzle the dressing over the top.


13 thoughts on “Spinach, pear, and chicken apple sausage salad

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  2. g

    I do a kielbasa potato salad sometimes, but this sounds even nicer, very simple. One tip I use to give the dressing even more richness is to deglaze the pan after browning the sausages with the liquid (lemon juice for this one, vinegar for my kielbasa salad) before mixing it with the oil.

    It’s supposed to get up in the triple digits here today – a second day in a row! – so a nice salad for dinner is a good suggestion.

    gs last blog post..Florida wisdom

  3. The Cheap Chick

    As usual, I’m reading this while eating lunch! I just wish there had been spinach recipes like this when I was a kid – it would have made the battle to eat my veggies a little less painful.

    Have a great (and safe, and sun-burn free) weekend, everyone!

  4. rosie

    Spinach is right up there on my great leaves list…there is something about that metallic tang, like eating iron filings. Why do I love it so?

    rosies last blog post..Mum

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