Dear BoltBus

Dear BoltBus:

Your online ticket ordering system sucks.  It froze me out twice before I could get to an order confirmation screen, and then when I tried to print the confirmation, your screen froze up again– so that I had to email your customer service to get a confirmation number.  If your busses are anything like your computer system, I have grim expectations for my ride with you this weekend.



10 thoughts on “Dear BoltBus

  1. Kizz

    I had nothing but awesome service with Bolt the last time I rode with them (April) so I hope you have a good experience. My trip on Megabus last weekend though…entirely different. “We don’t know where your bus is. We’re still trying to locate it.”

    Kizzs last blog post..Probably It’s Just A Quirk

  2. Marci B.

    Thanks for this – I have been wondering what the deal is with them. How in the world are they able to do what they do? Must be the lack of any customer service…. So sorry you had to put up with that!

    Marci B.s last blog post..I was wondering…


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