Do YOU Five Star Friday?

A little bit ago, I got a link from the Blog Goddess Schmutzie, telling me that my chocolate truffles post was named as a Five Star Friday post, at her new site, appropriately called Five Star Friday.  How tickled was I to find out that it’s a round up of reader-submitted great posts of the week, and that someone thought my post was one of them, for the first-ever edition? I’ve found some great new-to-me writers following the postings Schmutzie’s been collecting every week, and I’ve been trying to pimp out some of my favorite posts from all y’all’s blogs while I am at it.  It’s a great way to find new folks to read, to nominate your fellow writers, and to explore beyond your corner of the web.


11 thoughts on “Do YOU Five Star Friday?

  1. Angelina

    Oh- I didn’t realize I could submit my favorite posts to five star friday. That’s cool! Someone nominated me- was that you? It was very nice to be included. I love Schmutzie’s blog(s).

    Angelinas last blog post..

  2. savia

    I was the one who submitted your post for that, actually. Those truffles rocked my world!

    Also, any chance you can send me your blog feed address? For some reason, your posts aren’t showing up in my Google Reader and I just realized I’m waaaaay behind on your blog! Which we can’t have, can we?

    savias last blog post..Howdy, stranger


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