NYT article re: gender roles and housekeeping

The wellness editor at the NYT wrote a thought-provoker linking to an article about the results of a study comparing gender roles and spouses’ feelings about housework between heterosexual and homosexual couples.  I thought it was interesting and it’s something I’m going to think about, even though the BH and I are better than many couples I know about splitting the household work.


5 thoughts on “NYT article re: gender roles and housekeeping

  1. Kaza

    Fascinating, isn’t it? Oddly, our dynamic went against the study, in that my hubby did far less around the house when we were just living together and then stepped up to the plate once we were married. It took a lot of negotiating to strike a fair balance though, and we renegotiate as needed now. (Though I’m usually the one to initiate the process, of course!)

    Kazas last blog post..Surviving the 3s

  2. Michelle

    Hmm, let me think. I think my DH went the way of Kaza’s. He use to do things around the house when we lived together but as time passes he seems to do more and more. In fact I am proud to say he does all of the grocery shopping! Imagine that! One of the many reasons I adore him.

    Michelles last blog post..3-Cheese Flatbread

  3. g

    Hmm….I’d have to say that we divide it pretty equally – but what that really means is that we both don’t do much housework. It helps to have slovenly standards.

  4. Prof. J

    I found the article interesting. It makes sense to me that gays and lesbians are more egalitarian in their distribution of work — after all, we have already blown away gender stereotypes, so it wouldn’t make sense for us to cling to them when it comes to work. It is the part about the arguing that I wonder about. I find it hard to believe that gays and lesbians are more evolved in terms of dealing with anger.

    Prof. Js last blog post..Okay, so we lost


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