I am so looking forward to going to BlogHer in July.  And I may also go to the one here in Boston (and also, even if I don’t, I may host a few people here if they’re coming in from out of town).  But what with the being out of a full-time paycheck until last week and all, we weren’t sure we wouldn’t have to cancel the hotel reservation and suck up the registration fee I already paid. (Or see if they’d let someone else take it instead) (And yes, “we.”  The Better Half is coming too, and we are tacking a day on the end to just fart around together, because we both need a vacation.) Because plane tickets from Boston to San Francisco?  Not cheap!  But the BH mentioned we were thinking of going to his sister, and she very very very very generously offered to give us some of her many frequent flyer miles, frequent business traveler that she is.  So… our plane tickets cost $10.00.  Which means we can certainly swing the rest of it, especially now that I am working again.  But it was touch and go there for a bit– either I was going to go alone, or not at all.  And now?  We get to go, I am lucky enough to get to meet some of you wonderful folks, and the BH and I are lucky to get a chance to spend a little time together in a new setting, taking in the sights together.

I can’t help but sound sappy when I say that my favorite thing in the world to do is to just spend time with him, and spending time together travelling and seeing the sights is always something I count myself lucky to do.  Luckier, that we get to do it with his sister’s help.  Thanks, dear SIL.  We’re lucky to have you.


12 thoughts on “Lucky

  1. Writer Reading

    This sounds like it’s going to be fun. I don’t understand the rationale for a self-hosted blog versus WordPress or Blogger. I have no idea what are the pros and cons and why people do it when one is free and the other, if I’m not wrong is not. Is there something I should know about all this, as a Blogger blogger?

    Writer Readings last blog post..Richard Price "Samaritan" Addendum

  2. alejna

    Oh, it’s so great when things come together like that. Hurray for your sister-in-law!

    I can’t wait to hear about your trip. I’m jealous. One of these years, I want to go to BlogHer, but it clearly won’t be this one.

    But what’s this Boston BlogHer of which you speak?

    alejnas last blog post..leaping lepidoptera!

  3. jenB

    I am reading lots of nice acts of kindness like this on the interwebs this weekend. It only been more good things…….


    glad you are coming!

  4. Alesia

    I’m quite jealous about your upcoming trip to SF. I’m happy for you though. I will make a real effort to go to the conference in Boston, and we’ll have to get together then.

  5. Angelina

    I’m really starting to wish I was going too! It seems that nearly all of my favorite bloggers will be there. It’s so nice that you’ll have an extra day too and that you get to go with your guy. Yay!!

    Angelinas last blog post..


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