Old and new

Old and new, originally uploaded by BipolarLawyerCook.

I’ve been thinking a lot about the aging process– how scary it can be to see people we love become frailer, or crankier, or more narrow-minded, but also (and in reading some M.F.K. Fisher) about what a relief it can be to get over some of the self-centeredness of youth, and to be able to accept some things as part of the natural process, to stop fighting things that won’t budge anyway. It’s sometimes hard to reconcile the old and the new, to find a way for them to coexist in the same place, but I think some of the best experiences can arise when we try to apply our old-found wisdom to our new-found energy, and interest in looking for new things, trying new things, and being open to new things just happening.  Hope you find some new way to apply the things you’ve learned along the way, and to love that you can do so.

Happy Love Thursday– you can find more links to other LT’ers pictures here, at Shutter Sisters.


4 thoughts on “Old and new

  1. Michelle

    Oh darn Janet took what I wanted to say about the photo! It IS a great representation of the topic! I hope that I become wiser with my age and able to apply that wisdom. Watching those we love get old, really old is truly so hard. I have seen all of my grandparents journey from vibrant active grandparents, through old age, through being elderly and in some cases pass on. It is not easy but as you say it is a natural process.

    Michelles last blog post..Thursday Thirteen #4


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