Blog-like? Fisher-esque?

I’ve been reading M.F.K. Fisher’s Last House, a collection of essays from the 1970s and 1980s. They’re not just ruminations on food and cooking– none of her writing is “just” anything. All her writing is about is life– about love, and not loving, and have, and not having, and what that all means. But they’re shorter pieces, unlike the collections of longer essays, and in that sense, blog-like. Each piece is short, honest, anything but self-flattering, to the point, and allows the reader to have thoughts unanswered– evocative, not always explanatory. It makes for great subway reading– you can blow through four or five in a 20 minute train ride, and feel as if you’ve accomplished something.

It’s Fisher’s writing to which I have unconsciously aspired, and to which I (until now) have unconsciously compared the blogs I read: tell me something honest. Tell me something real. Tell me regrets, wishes, dreams, no matter how weird or banal you might think it is. It’s the reality of the writing, the community it creates, where others recognize the same in themselves, and are less afraid to say, “yes, that’s me, warts and all,” that gets me every time.


10 thoughts on “Blog-like? Fisher-esque?

  1. Janet

    holy crap: “…she writes frankly about the distastefulness of living with and caring for her elderly father; her attitudes toward people who like her; the frustration of living, aging…” I MUST read this!!!
    My biggest regret at this point in my life was that I lived for d!ck most of the time…and so didn’t work hard enough to make my first marriage work, because I was distracted by another. How’s that for honesty?

    Janets last blog post..Heavy and light

  2. The Cheap Chick

    I’ve always meant to read something, ANYTHING really, by Fisher – and here’s another reason to. Thank you for reminding us all of about an amazing author. Like yourself.

  3. g

    I LOVE MFK Fisher, gosh, I just adore her writing!! Cheap Chick, her earlier food work is more accessible, but it’s ALL great.

    There’s a volume called “The Art of Eating” that contains 4 of her books – a good introduction.

    BLC – of COURSE you know Fisher, you are a natural!

    gs last blog post..Sonja Henie’s Ice Show costume

  4. Kaza

    Love, love, LOVE MFK Fisher. I agree that The Art of Eating is an amazing volume. Mine is dog-eared from marking pages from which to write down recipes (yet one more thing on my all-too-long-and-ever-growing “to do” list). I’ve not seen the collection of shorter pieces though, so thanks for that.

    Kazas last blog post..Say Hello to My Leetle Frieend….

  5. Marci B.

    I will have to check out Fisher’s book – it sounds beautiful. You are right – reading truth, honesty, and real-life experiences is what makes the blog world so rich and special. It allows us to bridge the gap in this automated world and actually reach out to each other. Here’s to real human encounters in cyberspace!

    Marci B.s last blog post..Heads or Tails Tuesday: Royal


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