Wicked major props

… to my BH, IT King Geek Extraordinaire, who just stopped some stupid script from keeping my “Write Post” page from fully loading.  Ladies who blog know… dishwashing is overrated, but someone who can clear tables in your MySQL database?  Oooh, yeah, baby, c’mere!


8 thoughts on “Wicked major props

  1. Emily

    Heh. Hubbers read my mind yesterday and brought home sharp cheddar cheese. I didn’t even have to ask! How I love cheese. And Hubbers. But also cheese.

  2. magpie

    My husband is great at making sure all of the many computer devices talk to one another, wirelessly and via wire, but he wouldn’t know a blog if it hit him over the head. So you done good there.

    magpies last blog post..PSA: Hair

  3. Sara

    Hmm, I think you just inadvertently coined a new slang term, and only because I’m brain-damaged. On first glance, I misread “IT King Geek,” etc., as “It Geek,” which I interpreted to be something like Clara Bow, the “It Girl” of the ’20s.

    hee hee

    The It Geek of the Aughts (’08, ’09, etc.) would be some kind of powerful, but also a peerless avatar of sex appeal. Naturally.


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