Love Thursday

My Better Half has many sterling qualities that are admirable and serious.  But one of the most continuously endearing is his baby oranguntan hair in the morning.  Every time I see it, I get melty all over again.  What silly thing makes you fall in love all over again?

Happy Love Thursday.  You can find other LT links here, at Shutter Sisters.


17 thoughts on “Love Thursday

  1. Camellia

    My friend had wild morning hair. He used to put a spoon, bowl side against his nose and handle to the forehead, and he looked like a Koala. Morning hair…it’s wonderful.

  2. Emily

    Definitely NOTHING about Hubbers in the morning. You could light a volcano with the fire of his animosity.

    Better ask me again in the afternoon. I’m sure then he’ll have sent me a link that made my day, come up behind me and scritched the back of my neck, or offered to get me a beverage for no reason at all even though I’m closer to the kitchen.

    But right now, Mr. Snarky-Pants is at large. Ugh.

  3. LawyerChick

    Emily, I’m with you! DoctorDude is most endearing when he out of the blue gets goofy, because he’s so serious and intense all the time. And I love his skin.

  4. Amy

    almost every morning, hubby jumps out of the shower (he’s become one of these crazy elusive ‘morning people’ (ugh)) and says, in a little voice (but loud enough to hear outside the door), ‘alllll cleeeean.’ so cute and cracks me up every single time

  5. Kaza

    That is HI-larious. As for me, I have to think about it (I’m horrible thinking on my feet, my mind just goes blank). But I must say, the way my husband controlled himself and behaved perfectly during my parents recent visit? Given that he and my mother are complete oil & water and only barely tolerate each other, his behavior was pure love for me, and that is swoon-worthy.

  6. Michelle

    that is so sweet….for me it is the way my husband’s eyes crinkle when he smiles and this little super soft spot right below all thoise eye crinkles!

  7. Sara

    Oh, if I told you even one thing from that list in so public a format as this he might never speak to me again.

    But this is adorable. 🙂

  8. rosie

    his crazy enthusiasms…at the moment it is for gardening and he is up all night collecting slugs from the veg patch…never a dull moment at our house


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