Inquiring minds

A black wrap dress, a b & w scarf at the neck, pearl studs, hose, & black strappy mary janes.  I was overdressed, compared to the other female associates, which is fine with me.

I had kielbasa and mashed potato leftovers for lunch.  With an apple.  Sorry– dinner isn’t always exciting around here.  At least the potatoes were mashed with fresh parsley butter.  : )

And… everything was fine, nice, busy.  Lots of cases to wrap my head around and memorize.  I do have a great office with a HUGE window.


20 thoughts on “Inquiring minds

  1. Emily

    Hooray! Go, you!

    You don’t wanna know what I wore yesterday … something along the lines of Costco pants with whatever T-shirt happened to be clean … I am nothing if not a foxy lady these days.

  2. Cheri @ Blog This Mom!

    Everything sounds wonderful except for the hose. Pantyhose is why I do not wish to practice law any more.

    Although I might reconsider if lunch involves potatoes mashed with fresh parsley while wearing a black wrap dress.


  3. LawyerChick

    no hose!!! no hose!!!

    i hate hose more than i hate shoes. and i hate shoes a lot.

    than again, I’m sure you look a lot more put together than i do.

  4. Laura

    You don’t need that book by Oliva Goldsmith.
    You are so pulled together.

    Please share your favorite lunches and outfits more often!

    Good Luck and hope the rest of the week goes well.

  5. JenM

    Duuuude – your outfit sounds divine. Wrap dresses and pearls…sigh.

    Dressing like a lady is so much fun. Especially if you get to kick some a$$ while doing it.

  6. Kaza

    Fab outfit, sounds like. Kudos on the great 1st day and the swank office! Are you feeling totally energized or completely knackered? (Probably both at the same time?)

  7. Michelle

    Sounds like you were perfectly dressed for the first day. ENJOY that huge office with a window. Sometimes just being able to see the sunshine can be the best part of a day!


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