Back to school jitters

I have…

cut my nails and dithered over whether to paint them
swiffered the floor
dithered over what to wear
bought groceries for the week
dithered some more over what to wear
dithered over what to wear

I know they are business casual in the office, so I don’t need to wear a suit tomorrow but I want to make a good first impression on the folks I haven’t met yet, so maybe I ought to wear something dressier than I might otherwise? Argh. And I don’t know whether to paint my nails or not. I usually only do when I am going to trial.

At least my lunchbox is packed.


21 thoughts on “Back to school jitters

  1. Mike Golch

    Erika,It would appear to me that A) you have to please your self.
    B)strike a happy medium for the office.
    Most of all C)PLEASE YOUR SELF.
    That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

  2. Rayne of Terror

    If you have time, paint your nails, that way you’ll feel good about your hands since you’ll probably be shaking them a lot w/ new co-workers. Plus, they may take you out to lunch on your first day.

    I would wear slacks, a blouse, and a coordinating non-suit jacket or a skirt and a twin set. Even though I’m a hippie at heart, I err on the preppy side in most situations.

  3. Carol

    I would go with a very pale, clearish nail colour if you have time… pale pink, white etc. Good luck with the first day, I’m sure you’ll be fine 🙂

  4. Michelle

    I second the pale polish, and the sweater set. You can soon become the BipolarPreppyLawyerCook….Good luck you will totally blow them away I am sure!

  5. Ed the Gent

    My dear Bipolar,

    Although one only has one chance to make a first impression, I am certain that whatever you decide to wear (and whichever color you use on your nails) will make the noblest of impressions on your new co-workers.

    Congrats and knock ’em dead,

  6. Emily

    You’ll do great! I don’t think your nails will matter as long as you avoid something offensive, something like lime green polish or tie-dyed colors. I am sure your outfit, whatever you pick, will be fine. You can always adjust your outfit the next day.

    Also, if you just spend time listening to people, they will automatically love you. It is a Golden Rule of sorts.

  7. Laura

    When I used to work, business casual was the worst office policy. It’s so up-in-the-air.

    It’s easier to either show up in a uniform or a business suit. So I studied the “Dress for Success” book by Malloy but ended up nearly killing my credibility with Dickies and t-shirts. (I worked in a really filthy library and got tired of my silk blouses getting destroyed by toner cartrigages.) I look back and should have come to work in a skirt/blouse and changed into coveralls.

    I later read Elaine St. James 100 simple things book (can’t remember exactly the title, too tired). In it she points out the ‘Uniform’. Basically a man looks better than a woman in almost any situation BECAUSE he has FEWER choices in clothing. We have too many and it is nearly impossible for us to pull-it-together.

    That and the book “Simple Isn’t Easy” by the author of “the First Wives Club” Olivia something (See, too tired). Make it easy on yourself. You deserve to be able to spend your time on fun stuff like cooking and blogging NOT on wondering what to wear.

  8. LawyerChick

    I second Laura – business casual is really hard to put together and look put together. My old firm was business casual, my current one is business (suits) Monday-Thursday. Of course with my recent surgery my options are limited as I can’t get into and out of a suit without help (which makes going to the ladies’ room interesting). But all my dithering (I estimate $100,000 of billable time lost over the years) over what to wear comes from the dreaded “business casual.”

  9. Laura

    Okay, I really really loved this book and here is the official title:

    Simple Isn’t Easy, How to find your personal style and look fantastic everyday. by Amy Fine Collins and Oliva Goldsmith.
    It’s worth Interlibrary Loaning (ILL) just to check it out. The publisher’s should consider making it an e-book if not re-printing.

    (I actually cried the day I learned Ms. Goldsmith passed away from complications from surgery. A minor Headline on CNN. I don’t normally cry.)

    Keep your chin up, relax, THEY wanted YOU even more than you wanted this job. Really.

  10. Maureen

    Am curious as to what you decided to wear. I would go with slacks, a jacket and top likely with a scarf so that I could eliminate whatever I don’t need if I am perceived as overdressed in the office. I would also pack or purchase a fabulous lunch so that I have something great to look forward to on my first day! Hope it went extremely well!


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