Revolufried, poodelate, and vacake

Poodelate.  Well, it made sense at the time.

Revolufried?  We couldn’t decide if it meant some newfangled frier machine that revolves, or some wonderful new fried food that was so revolutionary that it was, well, revolufried! (And really, it’s all my fault, because I was the one who played Wii on the second turn and got the “that’s not really a word” ball rolling.)

Missing from the pictures?  Vacake.  As in, you bring a cake to a party, but then leave early and take the cake with you when you go, instead of leaving it for the rest to enjoy.  As in, “Aw, man, Shelly made this awesome Angel’s Food, but then she went and vacaked before Stan got any.”

Hope your weekend was full of drunken scrabble goodness.


20 thoughts on “Revolufried, poodelate, and vacake

  1. Sara

    Oooh, vacakers are the worst. Dude, you’ll get your plate back. And you can always make another cake.

    Poodelated is a synonym for “empoodled,” sometimes spelled “empoodeled,” I believe. I’ve seen it happen to a lot of people, too many.

  2. Mary Ann

    Those are Wordy Wednesday worthy. Might I borrow one or two (giving you proper credit, of course)? Also, I think that GNOBM is totally not a word.

  3. Amy

    I must beg to differ on whether GNOBM was not a word… that one came in stages..

    1) BM – As in… you know
    2) NOBM – As in lack of the act of BM
    3) GNOBM – As in, “I like how gnomes get a silent ‘g.’ Why shouldn’t constipation?”

    It made a whole lot more sense after the tequila…

  4. bipolarlawyercook

    Amy– I thought it was because lawn gnomes are crap? My memory of that part is fuzzy. Oh, wait, that was the part where we were talking about the silent Q. Now I remember!

  5. Michelle

    Poodelate….I love it…I think it mean something like, “to go round and round…” ha there is a made up definition for you too! Sounds like you had fun!

  6. alejna

    I’ve always wanted to play scrabble with made-up words. I mean, as long as you can come up with a good definition, why not innovate? I wouldn’t even need to be drunk.

    I do love the ones you came up with. And I love that you documented them with photos.

  7. Angelina

    Well, no, it wasn’t, but now I’m wishing it was! Is it too late?

    I want to play scrabble with people who are coming up with the words of tomorrow!

  8. Emily

    You are probably the only person who can beat the Med School Scrabble Whiz Kid. He is ridiculously good, but not good enough to beat a word like POODELATE!

    We might have to get him drunk so that he wouldn’t challenge you, though.

  9. Dory

    That is most hawsum.

    Miss Ann has been bugging me to join facebook and play scrabble with her there. But I’m too afraid because I know she is extremely hawsum at Teh Skrabull.

  10. magpie

    And there was some drunken stuff, but no drunken Scrabble. Alas.

    (I only play Scrabble on line these days, and you can’t get away with those made up words.)

  11. aria

    hahah! you would fit right in at our house. we have heated scrabble games with silly words. so much fun. i love vancake too. so redonk!


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