I caught a glimpse of myself

I caught a glimpse of myself
in a coffee shop window today.
I was surprised– I looked good.
Pale face, dark glasses, wry expression.
I was looking less damaged on the outside
than I think I am inside.

It was that glimpse, unexpected, that undid me.
What could I do if this was
always the self-caught glimpse?
The window reflects the clearest,
lightest parts of myself.
The darkened bits recede.


6 thoughts on “I caught a glimpse of myself

  1. Cricket

    I wish I could choose the glasses each day that help me interpret the world. Good days are flashes, ever so appreciated yet elusive.

  2. Writer Reading

    No, not the dreaded coffee shop windows that stalk us around every corner and pounce when we least expect it. I have never liked my reflection in one, which is pathetic, knowing I’m still in worse shape on the inside. Nice poem.

  3. Michelle

    I loved this post…it is interesting when we catch a glimpse of ourselves and it catches us off gaurd. I am glad your glimpse was a good one…my glimpses have been whispering…”I look older…not old but older”


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