What’s up: haikuish version

Lamictal is my friend
good sleep, good mood.
I shall never leave you (again).

* * *

Crap, a real legal job offer.
At someplace I’d like.
Not too many hours.

* * *

Freelance piece on barbecue.
Tasty, fun. I really want
a salad.

9 thoughts on “What’s up: haikuish version

  1. Bishops wife


    I just found your wonderful blog today. I will put it on my link list, if it is okay with you, I would like to be able to access it again.

    I think I am a crazy lady…I am a 46 year old married mother of three boys–9 year old twins and a 6 year old (autistic), home school the kids and I work full time in security.

    I am currently finishing up my BS degree in Criminal Justice and I am debating if I should go ahead and take those LSAT’s. I would love to attend law school. I keep thinking I am too old.


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