Good gardening writing

I am not a gardener. My proudest accomplishment is not killing the Spawn of Larry the Jade Plant, a jade plant at my brother-in-law’s work the size of a triceratops. But I have always helped my Dad plant his garden, and harvesting’s not a problem– I am a cook, a former CSA sharer, and a lover of vegetables. I am all about helping harvest, helping bed the strawberries and braid the drying garlic. I so enjoy the fruits and flowers of a garden, and I relish the metaphors that the concepts of growing, tending, and nurturing that gardens lend to speech, as well as the creative flowering of thoughts and deeds that gardening inspires. Which is why, among many other reasons, I so enjoy reading the posts that Cathy at Growing Curious and Angelina at Dustpan Alley share with us. I’m a gardening lurker, a vicarious farmer. Maybe someday I’ll manage not to kill those herb pots on my windowsill, and tend my own, for once. Here are recent posts from Cathy and from Angelina that made me want to get my grow on.


6 thoughts on “Good gardening writing

  1. Mariposa

    Ok, let me take care of the garden while you cook me something, deal? 😉

    I’m been everywhere but not so myself lately…had been away from work for days…either I have flu again (which I doubt) or I’m just feeling the “downs” again.

    Nice to be back here though!

  2. MamaBird/SurelyYouNest

    Thanks! I need gardening tips. I am loving being out in the dirt. But not so much a master if you kwim? What does “bedding the strawberries” mean, btw? Do I need to put straw around them or something? We have little tiny green berries coming and I am sooooo excited (I mean my 5 yo is). Off to check out yr links. Tx.

  3. Angelina

    I’m glad to make you almost want to garden. I am definitely going to check out your other link!

    I think it’s pretty amazing in this world to even be a person who loves to cook and to help with the harvesting. I don’t believe in green/black thumbs…I think it’s more about inclination and where you want to spend your time. It is no less important to be a person with kitchen love who knows how to handle vegetables than it is to be the one to grow them. It’s incredible how few people know what to do with vegetables once they’ve got them. I’m actually going to be addressing that this season at our local food bank.

  4. LawyerChick

    angelina, i beg to differ! i have black thumb when it comes to the plants i love most:

    gardenias (# killed before i finally gave up: 3)
    basil (7)
    mint (5)
    lavender (2)
    rosemary (3)
    peonies (3)

    i give good orchid, though.


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