She’s crafty

My husband’s coworker, Amy, recently started a website to showcase her lovely mosaic boxes, wall hangings, and mirrors, at Riverview Crafters. She makes things like the box, below, and I’ve seen them in person– they’re beautiful and unusual. Amy’s a talented artist– she also has her priorities right and has insisted that the BH needs to go to a trade show in Vegas in the fall, especially once she heard I’d never been there. Of course, I’m far less likely to gamble, and far more likely to do the desert tourism and Hoover Dam stuff, dork that I am. I do love me some desert. Anyway, here’s an example of one of Amy’s boxes:

Personally, I’m hankering over this mirror for the front hallway. Got that, Better Half? It’s never too early to start Christmas or anniversary or birthday shopping.


11 thoughts on “She’s crafty

  1. Janet

    Oh. My! Wow, those are gorgeous! And yes, go to Vegas…I’m not one for gambling either, but I went last year for my birthday cause I really, really wanted to see Cirque du Soleil’s Love….it was everything I hoped it would be. We also went to Red Rock Canyon, which was totally cool!

  2. alejna

    I was going to say “gorgeous,” but it looks like that adjective has already been used a couple of times. How about “those are splendiferous!”

    I love that mirror, too. It reminds me of Jupiter.

  3. LawyerChick

    wow! i will have to send the link to doctordude. thankfully he likes mosaics too.

    do go to vegas. it’s worth a try just once, at least. my parents live there and they’re not gamblers. there’s really great food, the casinos are fun to walk around in just to look and watch even if you don’t play, and there’s a good amount to see/do. email or im me if you want suggestions – i’m not really a gambler but i still enjoy it and we go pretty often because of my parents and mine and doctordude’s conferences.


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