Where are you on your journey?

I’ve been behind on my reading of all the blogs I so enjoy, and just caught up with this entry by Susan Carlin, about her journey to becoming a full-time artist.  Susan’s a gifted, gifted painter, with an eye for emotion and expression, but she can turn a phrase quite nicely, too, and I enjoyed her story of how she came to more fully realize that everything else that she is and does aside, the call to her art is strong enough to win, and to succeed.


7 thoughts on “Where are you on your journey?

  1. g

    Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting on the trees.

    stinky gingkos! True! I remember there was – or is – a stand of gingkos planted along 5th Avenue in Manhattan, at Madison Square park, I think. I would sometimes walk downtown from around there, coming home from my very first grown-up girl job as a typist in an office. The gingko fruit would be smushed on the sidewalk and it would stink!

    But I think nowadays urban tree-people just plant the male gingkos as street trees to avoid that.

    You do have to feel sorry, though, for the poor lonely all-male stand of trees, like some all-male chorus or boarding school. (unless they get up to high-jinks amongst themselves!)

    And you have a great blog. thank you!!

  2. Susan Carlin

    Oh! Thank you, BPLC. I was just coming by to thank you for the wonderful comments, and find that you’ve been saying nice things about me here. Thank you! Some artists I know who blog have a tradition of photographing their feet on Sunday and writing a paragraph or two to accompany it, and they post it on Sundays as “Where I stand.” It’s a way for them to consider that very question you pose- Where are you on your journey? Thinking and documenting the moment as a series of moments is like a bead on a necklace that represents the journey. I like it. I haven’t followed suit in that traditon, as yet, but blogging, for me, is like snapshots along the journey. Thank you for posing the question. I think we all want to be more conscious about this reality we’re manifesting. Our lives are worth thinking about in that way. Kisses!

  3. Marci B.

    Thanks for the question – it never ceases to help me change my perspective when I think in terms of “journey” and not just a series of goals. I guess it is the difference between being product- and process-oriented. My recovery from my injury and the surgery has truly been a (harrowing? painful? traumatizing? inspirational? educational?) journey. I try to remember that, hopefully, I will one day be off of the painkillers be out of P.T., and be back on my merry way.

    How is YOUR journey??


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