Neat photography sites

I am quite fond of Janet’s photos at Fond of Snape, and anything MelanieBeanPaste deigns to turn her camera upon o’er at Beanpaste turns to gold, but I am also very much enjoying the daily photo blog called The Noticing Project. Two friends take a photo each every day, and the results are consistently lovely, thoughtful, amazing, interesting, provocative, and just neato.

Other great blogger photographers whose work I enjoy include the rock stars Schmutzie and Amanda Soule at SouleMama.  Aimee Greeblemonkey, Lotus Carroll, and ApK, all contacts in my FlickR photostream (click on the Flickr box on the right) are also very gifted photographers, as is LawyerMama and the others in my ‘stream.

Hope you see some beauty this weekend, through a view finder or not.  The Better Half and I are off together to play Old Home Weekend in Western Massachusetts, visiting the place where we first lived and some of our old haunts.


10 thoughts on “Neat photography sites

  1. Michelle

    I have been a big fan of Janet (fondofsnape’s) photography for years. We met as friends through blogging and I can honestly say she has the best ability to find a photograph in anything and then take an amazing shot if it – she stops nothing short of stopping mid-lane to take a good photo….always fun when you are riding in the car with her! LOL!


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