Bacon Friday

Last night’s supper, a spinach salad with warm bacon vinaigrette, heavy on the protein. I was feeling the need for minerals and fat– I suppose another sign I am feeling better, and that the horrible carb cravings of medication withdrawal are passing.

To make: I de-stemmed, tore, washed & dried some Boston Organics spinach, and topped it with chopped cherry tomatoes, hard boiled egg slices, and pieces of crisped bacon. I made little slices out of (one medium or) two small potatoes, and fried the slices until crisp in the bacon fat left in the pan. Set the potatoes to drain on the same paper bag where you’ve put your bacon. To the liquid bacon fat still in your frying pan (I actually added a little olive oil, as the potatoes had absorbed a lot), over medium heat, add almost an equal amount of red wine vinegar, a little salt and pepper, bring to a boil, reduce, and then pour over your salad, tossing to coat. The spinach will wilt a little in the hot dressing.

To make this lower carb, use zucchini matchsticks, or white turnip matchsticks, or sweet potato matchsticks, likewise fried until turning golden.

Janet at Fond of Snape asked me which bacon I use– when I can, I buy Niman Ranch uncured, hickory smoked at Trader Joe’s.  When I can’t, I have Farmland brand bacon, uncured, applewood smoked, that you can buy at Stop & Shop or Roche Bros.



12 thoughts on “Bacon Friday

  1. Mrs. Chicken

    I am so totally making this. This pregnant lady is STAHVING, dahlink, waiting for a three-hour diabetes test that means I fasted from 8 p.m on last night. That is a long time w/o food when you’re eating for two.

    You inspire me with your cooking!

  2. Linda

    I’m pretty sure anything would be tasty with bacon… ice cream, Cheerios, shoe leather… you know. Hey, you modest little mouse – you were featured on Derfwad Manor and as far as I can see you haven’t even bragged about it. Very cool, very cool indeed!

  3. Maureen

    Hmph. I’ve never thought of turnip in that context. I usually disguise it by putting it in stew or steaming it with carrot. Thanks for the tip! Glad to read you’re feeling better

  4. jenB

    i haven’t been cooking bacon, because the after odor makes me gaggy. i am thrilled that the new house has an actual vent to the actual out of doors. maybe bacon friday should be a whole new interwebs thing. is there a flickr pool?

  5. Alison

    Niman also makes a chipotle infused bacon that, in my mind, has taken over coffee (Torrefazione Italia Palermo or Equal Exchange French roast) as the ultimate aromatherapy when still hot. But I too don’t like the after odor so have taken to cooking in the oven, on a broiler pan or rimmed baking sheet, 400 deg 15-20 min depending on desired crispness.


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