White, closeup, two

White, closeup, two, originally uploaded by BipolarLawyerCook.

I had the chance to meet up with Sara of Moving Right Along (and her equally amazing friends Dena and Sylvia) on Sunday at my own Jamaica Plain’s Arnold Arboretum. Sara got to break in her new prosthetic leg, earned with battle scars after her most recent cancer-go-round, and we got to enjoy the wash of color and scent that the lilacs in full and partial bloom gifted us. Sara is a pistol, and it was amazing to meet, in real life, someone whose writing, whose humor, whose bravery, and whose sheer obstinacy in the face of scary, scary stuff has wowed me from the safety of my computer screen. Sometimes you wonder if the blogger’s “voice” will translate into how they are in person– it was just great to verify that the best writing comes from a place of truth, and that you can judge a blogger by her blog– or at least Sara’s truth is the same, online and in person.

There are lots more photos of the flowers over at my Flickr account– you can click on the link above on my name.


4 thoughts on “White, closeup, two

  1. Sara

    We had SO MUCH FUN with you on Sunday!!! (And your pictures are gorgeous.)

    Thank you so much for joining us, leading us, and really being you, too, just the same delightful, thoughtful, open, and hilarious person I expected from reading this blog. I hope we have many other adventures together.

    And thank you also for retrieving my glasses for me.

    (P.S. — Your pictures are beautiful.)


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