This week’s Real Mental post

This week’s post, “Mornings are better” is a series of thoughts on this withdrawal I’ve been going through, as well as a link to an important and thought-provoking article in the NYT about the “Mad Pride” movement.


8 thoughts on “This week’s Real Mental post

  1. bipolarlawyercook

    Writer– I had two back to back toxic reactions, one “typical,” one systemic, masquerading as thyroid/kidney/systemic allergies and inflammation. Just as I’d hit an effective dose, 1st at 1500 mg, second at 1350 mg. Too bad, but those are the breaks. Just wish there were fewer. : )

  2. Cricket

    I am cringing for you, so sorry this happened so rudely as you were hitting your stride.

    I should read the Mad Pride article, although my gut reaction is to not be the face of crazy.

  3. Maureen

    Intriguing article on the mad pride movement ~ thanks for sharing. I recently included an entire segment devoted to severe mental illness and learning disability as part of equality, discrimination and human rights issues in my recent human rights class.

  4. floridalawyerchic

    Your thoughts and your obviously manic/mixed state is very familiar to me. In my journey over the years, I have been completely out of control and I have been extremely mentally healthy. I always try to remember – no matter how bad things are — that things were bad in the past and they got better. So, I force myself to be optimistic that they will get better again.


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